We're about one simple thing.

We help the owners of companies between $2 million and $20 million in size achieve large-scale growth of their business.

We don't believe in growth for growth's sake. As far as we're concerned, a company is just a tool to support the goals of its owners and its people.

We help people to grow their businesses in support of whatever those goals are. We help with marketing, sales, operations, human resources, underlying structures, management, leadership development - whatever it takes to grow. That's what we do.

The biggest challenge that business owners face

"The reason we look at business growth is because, at any given size, a company has strengths and limitations. If you can grow it a little bit, you can actually morph it to get what you want."

Why working harder is not the answer

"One limitation that people have is they think that they have to work harder, and frankly, they're doing too much."

Why time off is a necessity

"Time off and self-care are critical ingredients of an effective growth strategy. A clear mind comes from rest - it doesn't come from getting more done."

The myth around planning

"A lot of times people take a look at where they're at and start building a plan to get there. The problem is that people are working against themselves. When we're looking into an uncertain future, one of the natural things that comes up is fear. Doubt is inevitable, planning is the solution."

The advantage of large scale growth for a business

"People often take a business to a certain level, but when they hit that ceiling, they're not sure how to go to a different level. People actually get in their own way, not because there's something wrong with them, it's just that they've never had to build an organization at that level before. We all have our limits, and entrepreneurs will invariably hit theirs."

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