Research & Development

Walsh Business Growth Institute has a number of new programs and initiatives under development.

Strategy and Human Behaviour

A program for top leaders – how to keep up with the growth of your company. Too often, as a company grows – especially at exponential levels (five-fold to twenty-fold growth) – top leaders need to grow at an accelerated rate to keep up with the growth of their organizations. In this program, we combine core business strategy with dealing with human behaviour – on your senior leadership teams, your management teams, and with your people, to help you grow as a top leader while your business grows.

Mastering Operations

A program for senior leaders of operations on how to master excellence in operations at the desired profit margins, while a business goes through large-scale growth. Although companies of most sizes will benefit, this program is ideally built for businesses that are 10 million plus in revenue.

Mastering Finance

A program for C-Level and other senior leaders of the Finance and Accounting Departments on how to tap the power of a company’s financial information in support of goals in a fast-growing organization.

Every decision that includes any financial consequence passes through the finance department. Properly tapped, this can fuel increased access to appropriate information and timely action for growth, profitability and risk management. However, with large-scale growth, everything is constantly changing.

In this program, we look at strategies for how to design the finance department and information to supply senior leaders – in all departments – with appropriate metrics, as well as current trends and future projections to fuel desired growth, even when the structures for data collection, analysis and reporting are constantly changing.

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