Michael presenting to a group on core business values
"Each business is as different as each owner. We all have our own goals for our ourselves, our families, our clients and customers, our employees, and the communities in which our businesses operate. Different owners also have different strengths and varying levels of personal business experience. These factors have a large impact on which strategies need to be employed, and how to achieve our goals for growth, profit, and freedom."

- Michael Walsh

Career and Leadership Development

As part of helping companies grow, Michael has developed a group of integrated programs for the development and growth of core staff, managers and top leaders. These can be delivered in-part or as a whole to companies in-house. These programs integrate into an overall system of programs called The Developing Career.

Leadership Skills

Designed for top leaders, this program is about how to create and unfold a compelling future.

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Management Skills

Designed for emerging or experienced managers, this program is about how to achieve superior performance through others and how to make it easy for people to give their best.

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Core Skills

Designed for the wider team, this program is about how to become a “go to” player (anyone can work harder - how do you actually work the same or less, while magnifying results?)

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Business Growth Bootcamp

A one-year program to assist people who want to step into an ownership position within a company. We cover the various aspects of what it takes to operate a business, taking potential partners and providing them with the skills they need to succeed as a co-owner in the business.

This program is also well suited for managers whose companies are undergoing, or contemplating large-scale growth.

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Advanced Sales Skills and Business Development for Professional Services

Most professionals treat sales as a “necessary evil” – something they have to do, but don’t enjoy. They realize that nobody wants to be sold.

This program is about one thing – how to achieve more new business than traditional sales ever could. It's ideal for advanced sales professionals, as well as people who want or need new clients/customers, but don’t want to “sell them” using traditional approaches.

After successful completion of this program, participants typically experience increases in their customer conversion ratios.  Many have boasted customer conversion rates approaching 80% and beyond.

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Other Workshops and Seminars

We also provide workshops and seminars at association events and conferences.  Some of the more popular subjects include:

  • Hiring Superstars: The Inside Scoop
  • Growing Effective Managers
  • Increasing the Asset Value of Your Business
  • Negotiation: The Art of the Deal
  • Planning for a Spectacular Year
  • Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • Turning Your People Into Your Top Assets
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