"Sometimes I've worked with specialists or consultants who maybe have got a very strong banking background and their advice would always be on banking. Or it would be on marketing and it would always be on marketing. Whereas he had a good kind of overall view and understanding of business and all the moving parts that need to be involved to grow a business and not just one aspect. And he also, I think more than a lot of people, really understood what it felt like and what the challenges were."

Louise Pasterfield

Sponge UK

"It not only helps you professionally but personally too. So relationships change - with your friends, with your family, with your children, your spouse - the way you approach life, the way you interact with people - it has softened me a lot in my style - it has helped build stronger, deeper relationships."

Kevin Lang

Machine-O-Matic Ltd.

"He was able to assist us in identifying ways to listen on a whole new level and it really helped us exceed our goals of communicating with the clients. We were able to successfully triple our business inside of three years of working with Michael Walsh."

Marco Pugliese

One Smart Home

"I was going away and I felt guilty about it, so the shift in that perspective and actually booking a trip to be gone for a month and putting the structures in place so that I could do that was all part of the journey I've had with Michael."

Kim Deep

Business by Numbers Ltd

"We sat with him for 2 days of intense awakening, which is the best way I can describe it. He has completely changed our business. He has brought us the tools to share the vision and create the targets of where we wanted to go. We were stuck in the doldrums of wanting to go someplace but not knowing how to get there."

Dave Tarkowski

Jatec Electric Ltd

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